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The UCUM-LHC Validator and Converter

UCUM Unit Conversions

decimal digits.
Molecular weight of the substance being converted:  
advanced options
  • UCUM codes are case-sensitive.
  • You can enter other commensurate units that are not on the UCUM Code lists.
  • syntax rules

Disclaimer:  Conversion results are for demonstration purposes only. Before relying on the unit conversions produced by this tool it is your obligation to perform your own tests to verify that the results are sufficiently accurate for your purposes.

UCUM Unit Expression Validation

Validate unit expressions one at a time


Validate all unit expressions in a CSV file

We can validate unit expressions in a comma separated values file on your system.

  • Use the browse button below to select the file.
  • Your file must meet the following requirements:
    • a comma is used to separate values;
    • the first row must be column headers;
    • if the value in the cell contains commas, double quotes or newlines characters, you will need to enclose the value in double quotes and where you want to use double quotes, repeat them twice.
      (Example: A cell value of Say "Hi" would become "Say ""Hi""".)
  • You will then be asked for the name of the column that contains the expressions to be validated.
  • A copy of your file will be created that includes three additional columns at the end, confirming what expression was validated, the validation results, and any relevant notes.
  • You will be asked where you want the file saved. You may change the name of the output file at that time.
  • Note that this will only validate unit expressions. Although prefixes used with a unit code, e.g., "kL" (kiloliter), are recognized as prefixes ("k" for kilo) modifying a unit code ("L" for liter), a prefix submitted by itself, e.g., "E" (exa) will result in an "invalid unit code" return.

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